Des jeux et des activités pour enseigner l’anglais avec Apps 4 EFL 1

An entire site dedicated to the learning of English through series of simple and varied activities to develop the learning of the language. The set of tools and data proposed come from the world of free and as the name suggests freely usable

Ready-to-use exercises, quiz generators and other tests, a high-quality voice recognition engine, integration with YouTube or Dropbox and lots more. With this completely free platform and without the slightest trace of advertising you will have access to more than 5 million texts for your exercises, millions of quizzes in the form of « flashcards », thousands of examples. The quantity, but also the quality.

Lyric Learner is one of the greatest activities. Your students will love it !

This is an activity designed to expand and strengthen your English vocabulary from music videos. Dozens of titles are available associated with games and hacked texts made from the lyrics of the songs.

No need to register, but if you find interesting the tool and the different activities proposed, I advise you to do so. You will thus be able to keep the different exercises used.

You will also be able to create virtual classes in which you will be able to register your students. Apps 4 EFL will allow you to follow their activity and their progress. Only one defect, but it is not insignificant, to use this function of virtual class the students must register individually on the platform providing name, first name and e-mail address.

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Commentaire sur “Des jeux et des activités pour enseigner l’anglais avec Apps 4 EFL

  • patricia dupas

    je trouve ca tres bien; cest 1 dollar par mois; cest gratuit un mois ne sais pas apres comment cela fonctionne. cela peut donc fonctionner aussi bien en individuel qu’en groupe classe cree par le prof ds l’appli pour suivre le niveau des eleves. il y a aussi des activites que les enseignants peuvent utiliser pour faire des tests. tres varie et ludique . jaime bien les chansons et les exos… videos, prononciation texte, structure de phrase;..on peut inserer un texte et le traduire, on peut innserer un texte et avoir different supports d’activites ; un bon support. prof/eleve !!