Stage d’un mois d’une étudiante maltaise à l’Institut de Genech

My name is Miriana Scerri currently attending Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Animal Management and Veterinary Nursing in MCAST. In the school of Genech, I stayed there for a month. I had the opportunity to work in both the educational farm and the horse riding centre. In the farm, I handled some of the animals like ferrets, rabbits, ponies, etc. in the horse riding
centre I used to move horses from one place to another, feed and clean the area.


I had the opportunity to have a riding lesson which was a very fun experience and I also learned a lot from it as I never had the experience of riding a horse before. In this experience I learned a lot about how to control a horse, what type of feed they need to be given, the different systems they had compared to malta like the mechanical things they had for feeding, etc. This was an opportunity to learn how other countries worked compared to Malta.

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