Munog 2018

The MUNOG experience


A couple of weeks ago, twelve Genech students who take the European Section class left France to go to Germany where they took part in a Model UN nearby Stuttgart. Two teachers – Mr Gréard and Mrs Bacquet – accompanied them. This event is called the MUNOG – Model United Nations Of Goldberg-Gymnasium. The goal of this simulation is to put young people in the shoes of UN delegates. They have to represent the country of their choice – usually not their own country – and debate on a specific topic during the 3 days of conferences. That implies a great knowledge of the country’s policy and a critical mind. Our French delegation decided to represent North Korea, Sweden and Ukraine. Most of our students were first-timers, however they all did pretty well!Speaking English in such a formal context is not easy at all, especially when it is the first time one is confronted to such. Nevertheless, every student got our of their Committee saying they understood most of what was said and some even said that they loved taking parts in the debates. Moreover, everyone got to meet new people from different countries – such as Hungary, the UK, Germany, Spain… Last but not least, they all had a lot of fun, and that goes without saying, they enjoyed the parties organized by the hosts.

In short, MUNOG was a great experience for all the students,who will forever keep amazing memories of their time in Stuttgart. Speaking English on a daily basis and using political terms definitely improved their language skills. Moreover, the students stayed with super nice local families who were very excited to host foreign young people. That was the perfect occasion for them to discover the local customs. If you ever get the opportunity to participate in a MUNOG of any Model UN then go ahead! It is not as hard as it may sound and it only has positive aspects. You don’t want to miss out so go and have fun!

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